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2013, April 5

Handmade Plant Stakes

As often is with crafters (and writers, and chefs, etc.), after reading, Rukmini’s Vintage Enameled Tag DIY tutorial gave me the inspiration to create some plant stakes. I’ve made some years ago, Recycled Leather Butterfly Plant Stakes.

And right now, to be completely honest, I didn’t want to deal with heating stuff as is Rukmini’s tutorial. So I went with the simple, yet highly effective – decoupage technique.

page plant stakes

Handmade Plant Stakes

thin plywood
colorful napkins for background design
water based clear lacquer
paper punched shapes for extra decoration
sharpie for writing on plant stakes when done

Cut plywood to desired sizes. Mine had a white finish already, so I sanded it randomly to give it a vintage, worn look.
If your plywood is of a natural finish, you might want to first coat in a background color of your choice and when it is completely dry, sand for the same effect.

Peel napkin apart, you only need to use the first, top layer that has the design part.

Transfer napkin to plywood with clear lacquer – the parts you sanded will be visible through the layer. Wait to dry.

Cut napkin around the edges, secure with some lacquer.

Decorate with paper punched flowers, butterflies, pumpkins, snowflakes, etc. that fits your design. Add some writing with a sharpie if wanted. Secure them all in place by adding another coat of lacquer (and yet another, if needed).

Place in flower pot and admire ;)  

Happy crafting!

2010, May 10

Recycled Leather Butterfly Plant Stakes

I made these little guys when I was in 6th or 7th grade, and thought I’d brag about how talented I was even back then :P

Okay, seriously now: I love how they turned out, they’ve decorated different pots of plants since then and they still look very nice.

So let’s see how they were made :)

S7004477-1 S7004485-1

Butterfly Plant Stakes

left over leather pieces (or other recycled material that’s as hard as leather)

Draw different butterfly shapes on the leather and cut them out. Pair them up if you want to.

Cut the wire to the desired length, then spiral them around the pencil, so you’ll end up with a spiraled wire.

Poke the wire through one wing of the leather butterfly/butterflies and insert a small twig in the middle as the butterfly’s body, then poke the wire through the other  wing to secure the twig.

And there you have it: your butterfly plant stake is done.
Go decorate your plants with it :)

Later edit: this post was featured on the Cool2Craft blog as a part of the Recycle Week posts :)

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