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2011, August 15

Visual of my past few weeks

I went for walks and found these little guys.

page snails

  I’ve been taking guitar lessons. Love it! (Huge thank you to my wonderful friend, C!)

page learning guitar

Since I won’t even get near a beach this year, I crafted a few wall hangings to make up for it.

page sea motif wall hangings

My plants really like the new windows throughout the house. Two of these I’ve had for around 5-6 years now and they’ve never bloomed before.

page flowers in our window

Actually I wasn’t even aware the Sansevieria Trifasciata was supposed to bloom if kept indoors. It’s so pretty, and has a heavenly scent.

page sansevieria

I just had to go outside and take a few photos. (Kitties assisted. They looked pretty confused, as if asking: “Why in the world are you taking Moon pics at 3:40AM?”)

page waxing gubous moon

2010, July 13

Natural pesticide for your plants

This is a very simple recipe I found a few days ago, a solution that protects plants from pests with a quick preparation time.

The usual pesticides smell awful, not to mention all the harming (for us humans) chemicals they contain! So why not do yourself a favor too and try this safe recipe?


Pesticide for plants

approx. 3.5 liter water
2 tablespoons of Neem oil
1 / 2 teaspoon Rosemary essential oil
1 / 2 teaspoon Lavender essential oil
(optional 2 tablespoons organic liquid dish detergent)

Mix all of these and store in a spray container. If you only have smaller vessels, decrease amounts of the recipe. Spray the entire plant with this solution, agitating from time to time so the oil and water will not separate.

Use about twice a month if you have pests on your plants, or once per month if there aren’t, but just to make sure they’re keep away from your lovelies.

Keep your plants happy ;)


2009, August 16

Orchids and love

When feeling down, the little things/gestures matter most. Like a hug, kisses, a flower coming from someone who loves you to try help you forget, even for a second, all your troubles. It works and it’s the most appreciated kind of help :)

Thank you Sweetheart for the beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid! I love you!

page phalaenopsis

Anyone else interested can find some good tips about caring for a Phalaenopsis Orchid on (and lots of other types of Orchid care tips too).

2009, August 4

Cute stuff 4 houseplants

I try to make my (our) houseplants look as cute as possible, so naturally I tend to buy stuff that makes them stand out and not so ordinary, like with interesting pots, decoration, etc.

I only wish they could talk and thank me for my effort :) … or would they curse at me?


No, I guess not ;)

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