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2011, November 23

Mysteries of Life

One of the kids I’m tutoring got this as his homework the other day, to list ten mysteries of Life. Let me tell you, we had to do some thinking – especially as he was sort of missing the point of what a mystery is.

It got me thinking for a few days after that though, and here’s the result, a list of mysteries which puzzle me sometimes.

  1. Why there is no real answer to the question “Why?” – I’m sure you’ve also noticed that once asked, it can go on forever.
  2. How Love, Friendship, Hatred, and etc., in one word Life, really “works” – while the rules keep changing, minute by minute.
  3. What time is – I’d dare you to fully explain it to me in less than 100 words and omitting the use of the term “time”.
  4. How something can be so “right” and so “wrong” at the same time.
  5. If there ever will be such a thing as something truly “unconditional” – in the back of our mind, at least unconsciously, I think there’s always a slight glimmer of condition behind our actions and feelings.

Let me know in the comments below: what puzzles you? What mysteries do you sometimes end up thinking about?

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