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2014, January 27

Five Moments

Back in December, I haven’t done the Reverb prompts. I wanted to get back to blogging, yet give myself enough room to breathe, so I went with DIY. However, some of the prompts posted to the Project Reverb website stood out, and I jotted them down for later pondering.

Like today maybe. Below are five moments that I don’t want to forget from 2013.

Meeting my friend Trisha in real life – and spending a whole week with her, traveling together. We’ve seen some beautiful places, met interesting and weird people, and could talk about anything. (Thank you, honey!)

Reconnecting with old friends and finding a new pen-pal – Life has a way of making us lose track of keeping in touch friends sometimes, but then, in certain moments we find each other again so-to-speak and reconnect as if the time in between talks didn’t even exist.

The first time walking the Bun-Puppy – I haven’t had a dog since I was a little kid living in a house with a proper yard and garden. That first time walking the Bun-Puppy is one of my best memories, as he explored the world beyond the gates, sniffed at everything around him and then flat out sat down refusing to move when he got tired. The cutest!

Learning delicious new recipes – From friends, found online, you name it. I love cooking and baking, and was glad I managed to squeeze in time to learn new recipes and experiment instead of just making the same old.

Visiting the butterfly exhibition during a mother-daughter outing – Usually I find my city lacking interesting events and exhibitions. In November though, the Zoological Museum held an exhibition of live tropical butterflies which caught my attention; and was one of the nicest mother-daughter outings I treated my mom to in 2013.


Want to play? I’d love to read what your five favorite moments of 2013 were! :)

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