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2017, November 17

Fall visit to the Iasi Botanical Garden

On a recent trip to Iasi, my boyfriend and I took delight in visiting the botanical garden. Its beauty, and especially the flower exhibition which was organized at the time, immediately made us wish we had similar exhibitions in our city as well.

Until then, we’ll just have to remember this one and look at the lovely pics often!

Want to see my pictures and read about it? Come on over to Milliver’s Travels where my travel article, “Autumn Flowers Exhibition, Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden”, is live and very colorful.

2016, July 28

A 3.2 km walk through a Romanian village

Last week, I have contributed a lovely story from Romania about an old spring walk through Feleacu Village. My memories of the walk from five years ago were prompted by a day of walking and biking a lot as I try to balance my now sedentary lifestyle (job-induced) with more regular exercise.

This is a walk down memory lane, if you will. Visit “A 3.2 km Spring walk through Feleacu Village, Romania” on Milliver’s Travels to read the article and leave a comment.


2015, November 10

Sweater weather is here!

November is flying by, and soon most of us will be back in hibernation mode with only a few mere hours of sunlight. (I know it’s definitely sweater weather when Pixel sleeps in and doesn’t wake us up at 5am anymore!) That is why I did my best to spend lots of time outside, trying to absorb as much vitamin D as humanly possible these past few weeks.

Will you take a Fall walk with me in my city? Here’s sending you over to Milliver’s Travels where my article, “Sweater weather in full force, Cluj-Napoca, Romania”, is all bright and colorful.

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather as well, wherever you are in the world ;)

2015, September 24

How to pack light for travel

I feel a bit weird saying this, but I love packing my carry-ons and checked in luggage; I love the excitement of getting ready for a trip, of choosing items to bring and getting everything together ahead of time!

Here’s sending you over to Milliver’s Travels where my travel essentials article, “How to not over-pack luggage when traveling for both work and fun”, is up today.

I hope it helps you guys out, because I know that most of the time the thought of going to the airport can be one big bundle of stress in one’s life – but I’m convinced that you can make it work out perfectly too, if you plan ahead.
Go on, read my article and feel your travels getting lighter ;)

2014, June 6

“Coffee adoration” is a valid search term

I kid you not. ‘Coffee adoration” is a valid search term on Pinterest and will give quite a few lovely findings to lose yourself in. Especially if one loves coffee. But even if you don’t, there’s always something fun to read about and see. Which brings me to my point.

Today, I talk about coffee and funky signs over at Milliver’s Travels, where I have a short article and lots of pictures for your amusement: Funky Signs: The coffee adoration edition.

Come on over to Milliver’s Travels and let me know: do you like coffee? How about funky signs? Can you recall seeing similarly funny signs in coffee shops?


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