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2009, June 23

Don’t miss the sunset

"An artist took his students on an all-night trip up the hill because the sunsets were so beautiful there.

They were all busy painting the sunset. Just as the colors broke (purples and reds and pinks and oranges and yellows, golds and green), the teacher walked around the students and he noticed that only one student was busy painting the shingles on the barn in the valley under the sunset. There he was, tediously painting the shingles!

The teacher told him to paint the sunset and forget the shingles. “If you don’t forget the shingles, the sunset will be gone and you’ll have missed it” he said.

What’s the point? The point is, don’t miss the positive that’s passing. You can get so locked up on the shingles that you miss the sunset. You can concentrate so much on the negatives that you don’t notice the positives."


This post is originally from Michael’s blog – Straight Thank you for sharing it with us (I loved it so much!) and for the permission to post it myself.

The photo is one of my sunset photos from the Lake here in Kolozsvár ;)

Later update: You can also find my post about “Don’t miss the Sunset”right here on

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