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2015, May 25

Leaving Love Laying Around

Last week, in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, we left love laying around.

That means, I lit a candle, baked cookies and made tea. I left pots-it note love on the fridge, and wrote some Love Letters and left them laying around in the kitchen at work, on the street, under windshield wipers and in a coffee shop.

Having my birthday last Wednesday, I was also on the recipient end of some love. Friends called me, texted, e-mailed and left me sweet comments and messages on Facebook and via Twitter. Dinner was made for me, I received presents, flowers, I got a massage, and was pampered.

It was a good week, and it felt like all the love I left laying around, came pouring back in!

For week 21, the assignment is to Visit a favorite place; send yourself a postcard.
When j decided to write this e-guide, she sent a note to some people she loves asking for ideas. Her friend sent her this idea, and I like it so much! Can’t wait to look at postcards I brought home from places I visited, and maybe even mail one of them to myself!

How was your week? Did you leave love laying around? For your family only, or in public places for strangers to find as well? In case you took pics, too, I’d love to see them!

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

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