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2013, January 14

I can has time management tips?

Hello world!

I’m back :) Not that I was really gone, but during the craziness that November and December were at work, all I could muster were some blog posts in the form of lists, I let photos do the talking, and wrote one single (proper) article about gifts for writers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of blah… I’m doing well, don’t get me wrong. Except when people ask how things are with me and I say “Good, thanks.” their reply is usually “That’s not too convincing.”

And the thing is, they’re probably right. I might not sound too convincing when I say that I am fine. Because as well as everything is going in general, I’m tired exhausted.

The reasons?

Well, for starters, the shop I work in is in a mall. And it’s loud. I’m constantly listening to at least three stores’ music blasting at full volume, to shut out the loud mall music from the hallways. I’ve checked actually and, if I stand in one exact spot, I can best hear the music from Mango (across the hall and slightly to the right of us), and if I stand in another exact spot, I can best hear the music from Kenvelo; and so on.

(Currently playing are: that French chick I seriously dislike, and we tryyy, tragedy, twilight, and that song from “The Ugly Truth”, mixed with a few others I can’t make out. And you’ve read these “titles” correctly. My mind simply can’t recall titles at the moment. Or my own name for that matter.)

I barely listen to music at home anymore. It irritates my eardrums! I turn my mom’s radio off as soon as, depending on my work shift, I get home or wake up and walk into the kitchen.

The good thing is that the shopping craze has cooled down, so this month I get to say “I’m bored” and I’ve actually been able to read (three books and counting) at work. I’ve slowly, painfully slowly, taught myself to shut out the noise while I read. But that’s about the only time I can manage it.

Also, at the moment I’m writing this blog post at work. Can barely focus properly, so I don’t see this becoming a regular thing even if time permits to type away.

You can imagine how much this whole situation appeals to my seriously introverted self…

The other issue is the schedule and my virtually nonexistent free time.

The commute takes about an hour, each way. It is also sprinkled with mismatching bus schedules which keep me in the cold for a good ten to twenty minutes in different bus stops.

When I work the morning shift I work until 5pm, but get home around 6pm. From waking up at 7am, and sitting in this noise for eight hours, I’m usually spent by the time I get home and all I want to do is have dinner and go to bed. That never happens though, as things tend to pile up around the house which need attending to.

When I work the afternoon shift, I wake up, have breakfast and maybe have time for an e-mail or two, feed the cats and do the dishes before I need to leave for work. Maybe. Then I’m at work until 10 pm, getting home around 11pm and all I do is take a shower, eat a few bites and crash into bed.

Repeat on the following day.

I only have one full weekend off, and if I’m lucky, another half a weekend off. The rest of my days off are spread out, one or two at a time, throughout the week.

And here I stopped writing. It took a while before being able to form thoughts again, and add the following.

I lack the skills to excel at time management!

Or if not, I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong, but I am not getting things done. Not as much as I’d like.

People keep saying I should turn stuff down, stop doing a few things.

But… babysitting and tutoring are behind me being replaced by this job.

Then, I’ve already reduced my blogging to just one post per week, I gave up participating in 10K Days, I hardly ever leave comments on other people’s blog posts (am so glad when I get to at least read them!), I’m giving up my plaster casting business (though I didn’t accept orders since I started working here anyway), and I’ve refused a few other commitments as well.

And there still isn’t enough time to do the minimal things I have to get done. What else do I need to give up that I love?

I need some love today.

And some tips. How do you get things done? What does proper time management look like? How do you make time for everything and everyone?

2011, March 23

Time Wanted

Looking for time.

I seem to have lost mine.
Permanently and irreparably. And I’m not sure how to find it.
The little time I manage to re-collect from long lost, dusty jars or forgotten back pockets I inadvertently spoil on worries, grief, unsolvable thoughts, sadness and activities which don’t bring much happiness.

Not always authentic happiness anyway.

However, realizing that although I sometimes do miss "my old life" – trying to relive it doesn’t satisfy me.
Who I am now is much better, more appropriate and closer to who I want to be.
What I do now is more hopeful and more peaceful than what I used to do.
And what I feel now is exceedingly great and incomparable to what I felt before.

So I close my eyes, smile sheepishly and fall asleep thinking of a million thoughts all at once – yet happy, dreaming of many moons and stars to come, which I choose to believe will only be increasingly more beautiful.

Goodnight :)

2010, June 13

Looking into my crystal ball ;)

Looking into my crystal ball, here’s my prediction for next week –>

  • very little online time
  • very much plaster crafting time (for the)
  • attending my very first handmade fair on Saturday
  • full-blown panicking mode by Thursday
  • missing all of you guys sooo much!

Hope you have a lovely week, see you next Monday! ;)

2010, May 12

Time does fly when you’re having fun :)

S7005269 At first, I didn’t really understand what a blog was for, I couldn’t wrap my mind around why it was so interesting to share your thoughts and daily happenings with the whole world, even though I can sometimes talk ones ears off :)

I wrote my very first blog post in 2007 at a very hard moment in my life, and then started blogging more regularly in 2008 at a time of waiting and insecurity, out of the necessity of being heard by people who don’t know me in person, who wouldn’t just say “It will pass, you’ll be okay.”; to have a place of my own where I could deposit all the things, questions and thoughts which brought a smile to my face, or made me sad.

I have since deleted that post from 2007, I still have it hid away safely on my computer, but as the years went by I figured that one particular post had no place in what my blog has become. Slowly I opened a door to let you guys in, then another, and there are still many door to be opened.

Now, I could say that blogging is so much a part of me that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, even if I sometimes have no time to post on schedule. But that’s okay, I’m learning that coloring outside the lines is fine too :)

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to write (both blog posts and creative writing), to photograph, to feature recipes and ideas for homemade stuff, to show you happy and colorful things. And thank you to all of you who read my blog but don’t leave your mark here, I still know you’re out there in my view counts and I’m intrigued by the mystery behind the numbers.

I honestly hope that my blog will have the same effect on those who are skeptical about blogging as friend’s or randomly read blogs have had on me, and that everyone will enjoy stopping by even if they’ve just stumbled upon my blog or are regular readers.


And now, let me redirect you to one of my first regular posts, just a few un-straightened thoughts, but which led to one of my favorite comments anyone has left me since I started Life’s a stage – WebBlog.

A big heart – and the comment which I cherish so much is the first one, from Connie.

2008, October 3

Time for relaxation too :)

Caught up with work, kids, husband, pets, house chores (whichever of the combinations is yours), you can find yourself lost in it, and don’t have time for YOU, to relax… That can’t be true: you don’t have time for yourself, only if you let it happen.

If you always put others ahead, you have other priorities, you just accumulate pressure and frustrations. So If you want to find your balance, you just need to sort out your priorities, and learn to say no. Select from the requests you recieve only what really is important and don’t consider yourself obbliged to make everyone happy, and especially don’t think you’re selfish for taking some time off just for you.

If you don’t learn to think about yourself, you will never have that much needed time to relax too.

(This is an article for a friend :) you know I’m right! So do it!!! :*) And I guess I should sometimes follow my advice too… :P

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