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2010, November 21

Fall (surprise) vacation! ;)

Looks like, even though I was convinced I won’t use it again, I’ll be posting my “Vacation time!” photo.


It seems like only yesterday I arrived back from my trip to Hungary. Those two weeks have flown by way too fast, as time often does, and the regular day to day stress came back to my life; slightly enhanced by the cold weather and the approach of the holiday season right now.

However an amazing (unexpected!) opportunity presented itself giving me the chance to relax (as the word “relaxation” isn’t in my vocabulary, I’ll be doing that in my own way: running around/visiting everything I can/taking tons of photos) in a pretty, sunny place before all the craziness of the holidays will be upon me.

On Wednesday I’ll be flying to Sicily, Italy.

I feel like Christmas came early this year! Like a friend pointed out, I’ll not only be traveling and spending a week in another country, one that I’ve never been to nor expected to end up in soon, but I’ll be visiting the world-renown region of said country!

Though I traveled to Hungary alone, this time I’ll be traveling with a very dear friend of mine, fact which makes it much more exciting. She’s one of the most generous people I’ve met and I’m extremely grateful for her friendship!

I’ve been in packing-for-plane hell over here for the last few days and although I’ve seriously considered leaving my clothes behind and taking my laptop instead I somehow don’t think that’ll work out very well…

But I have found out that, aside from the somewhat ridiculous weight-limit of 10 kilograms, I can’t even take remains of human body in my carry-on. Don’t know where I’d be if they hadn’t pointed this out in the Terms&Conditions. Do all the airlines make you check those or is it just the ones over here? :P

Aside from that minor set-back, I’m very excited about the trip, especially as I was 3 last time I’ve flown, eager to meeting new friends, being around American people and attending my very first Thanksgiving celebration dinner. Plus the chance to learn some Italian, sight-seeing and checking out what craft stores in Sicily are like is very welcome!

That said, starting today (because of the need to finish some crafts, figure out packing everything I need while allowing enough room to bring back things, etc.) I will be taking a breather and staying unplugged until around December 5th.

I hope you’ll still stop by when you miss me and read my previous posts, my: Creative Writing, Green Lifestyle and Recipe of the month posts. (Also, I’ll try to fit in a few Tweets throughout the weeks.)

And I hope you know how much I’ll miss
each and every one of you!

Have a lovely rest of November, Thanksgiving
and a great start of December ;)

2010, August 10

Days when… you need a breather!


There are days when you just want to stick your head in the sand like ostriches, and wait until all the sadness and the pain is wasted and forgotten.
There are days when you don’t know where the darkness and clouds appear from to your sky, and it’s not in your power to simply dismiss them.

There are days when tears are flowing like rivers and streams
and there isn’t a tissue in the world to dry them up.
Days when the pain of your loved ones is your pain, and you would do anything to make it disappear, so you won’t see the sadness in their eyes and so as helplessness won’t break your soul.

There are days you wish you hadn’t crawled out of bed. (Living with roommates, unfortunately I get plenty of those days…)

And then there are days when good and evil are intertwined, when good and bad news come within minutes apart, when you’re suddenly jolly and then sad.

All I can do is to consciously turn and look toward the good parts, and let them fill up my soul and mind.
For the good news, even if they can’t involve my fiancé, is really good:
I’m going to Hungary visiting a few friends, and vacationing in two different cities there!

I haven’t had a real vacation in three years, so, starting today (because of the need to finish some crafts, packing, etc.) I will be taking a breather and staying unplugged until around the end of the month.

I hope you’ll still stop by when you miss me and read my previous posts, my: Creative Writing, my Green Lifestyle and Recipe of the month posts. 

And I hope you know how much I’ll miss each and every one of you!

Have an amazing rest of August ;)

2010, June 25

Signs of being tired

Given how last week was one of the most tiresome weeks of this year, I noticed a few things and remembered a few other things too, which are funny enough for me to share.

Here goes, I know I’m tired when I:

  • answer my personal cell while at home with the line “Hello, flower shop X this is Estrella speaking, how may I help you?”
  • measure a cup of plaster and instead of pouring it into the mixing bowl, I fill up the water cup with it
  • search for the tea kettle in the bedroom, kitchen and pantry for a good 15 minutes before looking for it in the sink, which I passed at least 10 times during the big search
  • read worms (râme) instead of frames (rame) on an ad board…

So… there’s my confession of the day.
How do you know you’re tired? Any similarly funny signs to share?
I promise, it will stay between us! ;)

PS: I know, I totally disregarded my posting schedule this week, but like I’ve said on Monday, I’ll be back to following the usual schedule starting next week.
Already working on my posts and great craft project for Tuesday :)

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