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2016, February 12

The Did-Do List

Nearly every evening for the past two weeks, I got home after 8 PM (or even after 10 PM) and still had at least 50 minutes or more of chores around the house before finally getting into the shower and having dinner. It got me thinking about how last year, when I wrote my Not-To-Do List after spending too much time on work stuff instead of enjoying my vacation, I also looked at writing a list of the things I did do.
I wrote that list, because I noticed that too often we feel stressed, we feel that we don’t have enough time in the day to work on everything we need to get done, and we end up feeling like we failed or didn’t do enough – when actually our Did-Do List might end up longer than the original To-Do List.

Back then I immediately started writing a week’s worth of did-dos, but then publishing a blog post with/about them somehow didn’t make it on my To-Do List. I know, ironic, right? ;)
In any event, I was quite surprised at everything I accomplished on most days. The truth is that our time is filled with lots and lots of recurring tasks that we do on auto-pilot and never even think of during the day.

So below is about one week of my life, and the things I did do.


  1. Made the bed
  2. Fed Pixel
  3. Took Pixel to the vet
  4. (Stopped scratches from bleeding)
  5. Bought some groceries
  6. Cast plaster frames (times 20)
  7. Pre-cut napkins for decoupage
  8. Helped with cooking
  9. Set the table
  10. Had lunch with mom
  11. Copied two movies onto laptop
  12. Talked with grandparents and mom
  13. Did the laundry
  14. Hung clothes to dry
  15. Made tea
  16. Had tea with mom
  17. Cleaned out the pantry
  18. Did dishes
  19. Put clothes away
  20. Fed Pixel
  21. Showered
  22. Looked around, posted to Instagram


  1. Made coffee
  2. Made the bed
  3. Fed Pixel
  4. Had latte while browsing Pinterest
  5. Bought mom birthday gift
  6. Purchased a vacuum cleaner
  7. Visited with mom
  8. Helped serve lunch
  9. Had lunch with family
  10. Discussed buying new washing machine with grandparents (this alone was a two-hour task!)
  11. Helped with clearing the table
  12. Transferred flour, salt, sugar and breadcrumbs into new containers
  13. Vacuumed the car a bit
  14. Went shopping
  15. Carried groceries up in two trips
  16. Put away groceries
  17. Made dinner
  18. Put away clothes
  19. Vacuumed the apartment
  20. Scared Pixel with vacuum
  21. Wrote blog post
  22. Watched movie with boyfriend
  23. Put the trash out
  24. Watched series with boyfriend
  25. Played Ice Age Village
  26. Looked around, posted to Instagram
  27. Showered


  1. Worked from home
  2. Bought new sheets
  3. Changed bed linen
  4. Went to exchange sheets
  5. Changed the rest of the bed linen
  6. Made the bed
  7. Vacuumed (times 3)
  8. Fed Pixel
  9. Had latte
  10. Made breakfast
  11. Had breakfast at lunchtime
  12. Paid bills
  13. Cleaned bathroom
  14. Made lunch and dinner for boyfriend
  15. Cleaned litter box
  16. Did dishes
  17. Shook blankets out
  18. Washed my hair
  19. Showered
  20. Added hair mask, waited
  21. Washed hair mask off
  22. Dried my hair
  23. Cooked myself dinner
  24. Had dinner
  25. Watched series with boyfriend
  26. Arranged clothes in closet
  27. Made tea
  28. Cleaned kitchen
  29. Replaced shampoo bottles
  30. Had tea in bed
  31. Played on FB
  32. Cut toenails
  33. Looked around, posted to Instagram


  1. Made the bed
  2. Applied make-up
  3. Fed Pixel
  4. Ran errands
  5. Worked from the office
  6. Made lunch
  7. Shopped for groceries
  8. Put away groceries
  9. Made dinner
  10. Did dishes
  11. Vacuumed the apartment
  12. Showered
  13. Put the trash out
  14. Talked on the phone with mom
  15. Had dinner
  16. Watched a movie with boyfriend


  1. Made the bed
  2. Applied make-up
  3. Fed Pixel
  4. Bought breakfast
  5. Worked from the office
  6. Went out for a short walk
  7. Had lunch
  8. Sent mail to Lilla Rose support
  9. Went to mom’s
  10. Went home
  11. Had dinner
  12. Did dishes
  13. Had tea in bed
  14. Showered
  15. Watched series with boyfriend


  1. Made the bed
  2. Fed Pixel
  3. Applied make-up
  4. Worked from the office
  5. Replied to Lilla Rose support’s message
  6. Had lunch
  7. Went to the post office
  8. Read in the park for 15 minutes
  9. Went out to get to know two people better
  10. Went out with other friends
  11. Went home
  12. Took a shower
  13. Had dinner
  14. Did dishes
  15. Put the trash out
  16. Had tea in bed
  17. Watched series with boyfriend


  1. Made the bed
  2. Fed Pixel
  3. Worked from the office
  4. Made lunch
  5. Had lunch
  6. Attended work meeting
  7. Did research
  8. Shopped for groceries
  9. Put away groceries
  10. Went home
  11. Made dinner
  12. Showered
  13. Had dinner


  1. Made the bed
  2. Fed Pixel
  3. Had breakfast
  4. Cleaned the apartment
  5. Vacuumed
  6. Made wall hangings (times 20)
  7. Looked around, posted to Instagram
  8. Browsed Pinterest
  9. Binge-watched “Melissa & Joey” because I felt sick
  10. Had lunch
  11. Hung clothes to dry
  12. Showered
  13. Had dinner
  14. Did dishes
  15. Watched series with boyfriend

I noticed that sometimes we wake up or arrive home with our mental to-do list made and just start doing it rather than planning it. We do far too much planning sometimes and thinking about things and they never get done, right? On the flip side though, sometimes it’d be far better to have all the things we need to do written on the list rather than add on another lists’s worth of mental-noted items and then feel like we’ve failed.

With most of the time feeling like we have never-ending, ever-extending to-do lists both at work and at home, I think that writing a Did-Do List can also be very effective as a technique for anxiety management!

What do you guys do on a daily basis that you never even think of adding to your To-Do List? How long is your To-Do List? And how long is the Did-Do List once written down? Feel free to share it below in the comments, I’m really interested to see other people’s lists and compare notes ;)

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