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2009, September 17

Will you be mine? by Estrella Azul

“ He felt nervous.
This has been on his mind for the last 3 weeks, if not more, and he just wanted it to be perfect, or as close to perfect as he could get.
Counting down the days his nervousness grew.

At night he was dreaming of various scenarios it would go by and all of them had some flaw he didn’t think of before and made him more worried.
More possibilities ran across his mind like if it had rained and he wasn’t ready he didn’t have anything romantic planned.
Should he take her to dinner and ask her there?
Have his friend help him and decorate the room for when they get home?
Should he do it somewhere else instead of the lake but still outdoors?
Or visit the high school where they met and do it there?

Finally Wednesday arrived, the day of their anniversary. The beauty of it was that it wasn’t a round number like 1 year, 2 years so they’d celebrate luxuriously.
She couldn’t have figured out his intentions too easily.

They made plans to take a walk by the lake and catch a movie afterwards.
His plans however were a bit different.

While prepping to go he looked at his girlfriend getting ready.

She looked beautiful!
Her long amazing hair arranged very simple reminded him of the first day he saw her, her way of applying make-up and still look sweet and natural, her semi-formal outfit were all perfect for the occasion, but he couldn’t tell her yet.

They left for the lake.
To hide the ring he told her he was bringing two phones and made sure she wouldn’t ask any questions about his pocket by making his speech very short and technical.

By the time they got to the lake he had his eye on his watch just to be sure they have enough time.
He knew he would have his work cut out for him as they went past the peer.

He asked is she wanted to go for a ride with the paddle boat.
The water was deep, she was afraid a bit, but her confidence in him made her accept.
He was now thrilled and more nervous than before.

They got into the paddle boat and paddled away, going along the edge of the lake, then when his girlfriend was comfortable with the ride he aimed the center of the lake.
There, he stopped and they enjoyed the view.
Asking her to take photos, while she turned away, he took the ring out of his pocket and waited for her to turn back.

Those few seconds passed even slower than the hole time he had spent planning the proposal.

When she turned back facing him and saw the ring:
everything made even more sense to him than before, her shock and happiness was glowing on her face, he remained speechless.

After a moment he regained his thinking and while placing the ring on her finger asked her the question they were both waiting for… for so long:

“Will you be mine?”

As she said:


He realized how truly blessed he was. His happiness couldn’t even been described as they sat there hugging and kissing.

After taking her to dinner and watching a romantic movie, on the way home they stopped again for a few moments at the lake and stared into the dark waves.

He did it: managed to turn that day into one of the most perfect and romantic ones they had.

She couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful and meaningful proposal!  

In the morning after the proposal, he got this letter from his fiancée.



I know how good we are together, I know how unbelievably lucky we are to have found each other, how we still love each other as much as we did in the beginning and every time we say "I love you!" we actually mean it, and that we worked out how to be together. I know how fortunate we are to both want the same things, and most importantly – each other. I know we both get crazy sometimes but ultimately we have the best thing going and I want to say: ‘I want to keep this’.

I believe that you and I will do all the things we want to do together. I believe that in a while from now we’ll have our own remodeled house, our own children (in time) and our own individual lives in many ways too. I believe that we will be our own family.
I don’t believe in big weddings, or rather, I don’t think that they’re an accurate reflection of what it’s all about. What I want is the promise, the rings on our fingers and the future. I’m delighted because this is the nicest feeling in the world: to love you so much that I want to do something apparently quite random, just because I can’t help thinking that surely there must be some big way to express the way I feel about you, and about us, and our intentions. Getting engaged and married is about choosing to be tied together just in order to be together even homeless, childless or otherwise.

I believe that I can promise to love you until the day I die. And I believe that, if we can work out together what it means to us, making a promise and a commitment to one another can only strengthen the incredible bond we already have.

So… since I believe all this can and will happen, all I have to say is: Yes, Sweetheart! :*:P

I love you, always had and always will!” :*:P

He felt good, happy and more in love with her as he would’ve imagined 3 years, 9 moths and 1 day ago.”


Based on a true story.

2009, September 17

Picking out the engagement ring: together or not?


This is an old blog post. The story is now a distant, beautiful memory.

As a girl, I can only say picking out your own engagement ring or being surprised with it isn’t a good statement as a general rule. I really think it depends on the couple.
If they are comfortable with choosing a ring together than it’s their decision and no one can/nor should change their mind.
The engagement is all about a couple’s love for one another,
wanting to spend the rest of their life together, with or without an engagement ring, picked out together or being surprised with it.

On a more personal note, I have picked out my own engagement ring.
It was supposed to be a surprise, my Sweetheart knew I really liked a ring I have saved a photo of ages ago (he found it) and he tried to have it custom made for me.
The jeweler assured him he could do it, but when it was done… it really wasn’t anything like the photo. He didn’t like it, so just to make sure, he showed me a photo of it and I didn’t like it either. Thank goodness he could return it.
So one day when we went for a walk he surprised me by taking me ring shopping. We had fun, we both stated our opinion and chose accordingly.
He could’ve just given me the money so I could buy whatever I wanted, but I was very happy to be able to see how he imagined it, and share this moment with him.
I’m not a material person, I don’t see price tags when I look at anything I own, on presents I got, etc. and I most certainly didn’t want him to buy an expensive ring (although he wanted to buy a diamond ring at first).
Finally we ended up buying a very nice white gold Cubic Zirconia ring. I love it so much!
I’m happy to have found such a beautiful ring, stating his love for me, as the symbol of being engaged since this is the custom. Although I chose a slightly (more) unconventional ring. We love it, that’s what’s important!

I don’t know about anyone else, I can only speak in my own name when I say this, but I was very happy he showed me the first ring so I could tell him I didn’t like it. Going ring shopping together was amazing, I didn’t know before how much attentive he was to the details of it, how much effort he had put in it and how much my opinion mattered. He genuinely wanted me to be happy with it.
I will wear the ring we bought close to forever. I love it and won’t stop wearing it just because we’re married, I’ll just place it on another finger.

So as a note for couples: do what best suits your relationship! You are the only two people who know what would be best!

The engagement isn’t about picking out a ring (together or not), that’s just one part of the engagement.

This post was inspired by this article on the content of it being from my comments there. I felt strongly about sharing my opinion here too.

What’s your opinion? Would you like to be surprised or go ring shopping together? (Or what would’ve you liked?) Feel free to share.

2009, June 10

What a girl wants…

I’ve read a very nice post these days and loved it so much I thought I’d share it with you. In many many cases I believe these to be true, so guys read carefully and remember ;) What a girl really wants…

" When she answers "I’m fine" after you ask if she’s okay, she really wants you to embrace her and kiss her forehead and tell her everything is going to be okay and when she’s ready to talk, you’ll be there to listen.

When you overhear her crying, she really wants you to come to her and hold her silently while she sobs into your chest.
When she’s mad at you and she walks away, she really wants you to follow her just to make sure she’s alright and to let her know you do care.
When you’re hurting, she wants you to come to her and tell her what it is that hurt you and what she can do, if anything, to help.
When she’s watching television with you and her favorite show comes on, she wants you to ask her if she wants you to watch it with her.
When she’s watching television with you and her favorite show comes on, she really doesn’t mind if you Tivo it because she’ll watch your show with you if you like.
When she says "I would like you to come with me, but you don’t have to," she really wants you to come, but she wants it to be because you want to, not because she asked.
When she comes to you crying and says she is scared, she wants you to protect her from whatever it is that is scaring her.
When she looks at you with bedroom eyes, she wants you to take her and do with her whatever you like.
But most of all, when she tells you she loves you, she wants you to believe it and know it because deep inside, all she really wants…
…  is you."
2009, February 16

Valentine’s Day

I won’t write about how people came to celebrate the 14th of February as Valentine’s Day (you can find out the history behind it if you’re interested, by clicking the link). I just wanna share with you that I like it!S7003327-1

Not because this time of year all blogs start posting all sort of articles about how nice or bad it is (just like around any other holidays too :P), not because people in relationships exchange gifts, not because people who are not in a relationship get possessed by the thought of having to spend Valentine’s Day alone and immediately start seeking someone to be with for a few days just so they won’t be judged by anyone (this is a really stupid thing, I don’t get it…), not because all the shop windows, malls and so on, are filled with tonnes of little (or even exaggeratedly big) hearts, doves, Cupids, etc., not because of how on the actual day you can’t find a parking space and you bump into more people than usually, not because of the stupid mass messages filling your screen in a few seconds saying that if you don’t send them on you’ll be alone forever (get a life!!!) and not because of how expensive everything gets almost over night…

I like it because it’s a celebration of LOVE! Anyone can celebrate it even if their single or in a relationship, celebrate with family, friends and loved ones, it’s not a written rule that it can only be celebrated by couples (that’s just a stupid excuse to don’t like it).
I think it should be considered to be another good chance to thank the people we love for being there for us, for their patience, help, kind words. Because let’s face it, nobody remembers to appreciate the people around them all the time, or too often for that matter, they mostly do it on big international holidays… so why not on Valentine’s Day too? :)

I’m lucky to be able to celebrate my love for and with my Sweetheart each and every day, I am grateful that even after 3 years and 2 months we still say "I love you!" each morning when we wake up, during the day, and at night before we go to sleep. We try to make any day a great day, surprise each other from time to time with and e-card, a flower, chocolate, etc. and we succeed to don’t get into a dull routine :)
This Valentine’s Day we got each other small but significant gifts, even though I specifically said "No flowers this year", I got a very beautiful rose from my Sweetheart, and we went to see a movie ("Bride wars", it’s great, I recommend it to anyone who likes comedies) and had dinner, and overall it really was the lovely and romantic day I was looking forward to.
Thank you for this beautiful day Sweetheart, for the presents, and for the beautiful rose I got! And also happy 3 years and 2 months anniversary too! I love you :*:P




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2009, February 2

Jon & Kate Plus 8


Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ght

Sadly, there are many people impersonating them, making up websites, forums, blogs, etc. and a lot who are saying mean things, who critique every single thing Jon and Kate do, and other things like this. I guess it comes with being on TV, but it’s sad that some people don’t have anything better to do than to make other people’s lives harder than it already is… We have to keep in mind that they only show a portion of the children’s lives, the producers are the ones who have to edit the footage and prepare what they think will be the most entertaining.
Also I am quite sure that if given the chance anyone would do a show and accept all the free trips and gifts given to them. How many people are out there who never went on a trip because of the lack of money? Get my point?
Living alone is hard too, a family doesn’t live exactly easy eighter, and kids are very expensive to bring up… so just multiply that with 8 in this case :)

Here’s a clip about Jon and Kate plus their 8 wonderful kids: Cara, Mady, Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Joel, Leah and Aaden.

If you’re interested for more, visit: Jon & Kate plus ei8ght on TLC, or The Gosseling 10 (which I think is their real site)

2009, January 3

Resolutions for the New Year

2009New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the upcoming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

However, if you truly want to make and keep your New Year Resolution, so it doesn’t die a sudden, certain death midway through January, you have to make the right resolution.

One that’s not impossible, one about which you have enormous desire, passion, and interest, because only in this case you’ll take the right approach, system, and attitude, so it can bring great joy, achievement, and reward when you tick it off the list :)

Most people already strapped on their thinking cap, did some daydreaming, brainstorming, plotting, and planning… just like me. This year, my Sweetheart and I agreed to write resolutions, separately our own, and together the resolutions for US as a couple. Don’t know about my Sweetheart, but for me, it’s gonna be easy, cause I’m quite obsessive-compulsive in the sense that having suck a meticulous and perfectionist personality, I can make a list for anything, and I’m absolutely great with following them :) Here it goes, in a more or less random order:

MY New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Dare to dream about all the wonderful possibilities!
  2. Say “I love you!” more -> not that I don’t mean it each time I say it, or that I don’t say it a lot, but it can never hurt to say it more and even when I’m upset.
  3. Believe in myself, my talents, abilities, my dreams, resolutions, and daily goals -> know my strengths and use them effectively.
  4. Be flexible -> life is full of  ‘Overtaken By Events’ days so I’ll try to be flexible, prepared, and willing to compromise and make course corrections.
  5. Find a good job -> something I enjoy so I can love what I do each and every day.
  6. Be determined and diligent -> stay positive and maintain my optimism as much as I can.
  7. Know my weaknesses -> embrace them, and learn how to overcome them.
  8. Learn something new -> one of the easiest, most motivating New Year’s resolutions to keep (and it’s half way through because of the improving floral artist course I’m taking -> get high mark on the exams, possibly 10). But I learn something new almost every day, and I’m looking forward to it.
  9. Enjoy Life More -> decide to ‘Go For It’ when I have a good opportunity, and remember to have fun and enjoy the journey.
  10. Be willing to work hard and stay committed -> through good times and bad times, in any circumstance.
  11. Be grateful for all I have and all I am -> ‘give back’ with kindness and charity, help others!

And now, our united resolutions list for US. Can’t say that our relationship is perfect, but most of the things listed here should begin with “Continue to”.

OUR New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Say “I love you!”  -> as much or more than we do now. A simple “I love you!” can melt someone’s heart. A simple “I love you!” can be the perfect ending to an argument. Saying “I love you!” is also a perfect way of saying Good Morning and Good Night. You simply can’t say these words enough to each other.
  2. Notice the little things -> cause sometimes it’s the littlest of things that really matter and make us happier.
  3. Listen to each other, be romantic, help each other out, make compliments, argue less, compromise, etc.
  4. Spend time together, cook, play, take walks, watch movies, etc. :)
  5. Buy an apartment and live together!

2008, November 20

New Year’s Eve: just 4 US :)

It’s not even December yet… hack, it wasn’t even November yet eighter when I was first asked this year of what I’ll be doing, where I’m going, and who with, on New Year’s Eve. The answer was: well nothing much…

I don’t know where people’s obsession with going away comes from, or the urge to go and party with total strangers, drink so much that the following day they can’t even remember where they are and who with… Like a friend of mine said, nowadays it’s not important that people don’t even have enough money to do these things, they borrow, steal, sell a kidney just to be able to copy what everyone else is doing. And in my opinion… it’s kind of sad, isn’t it?
Also another person said that he can’t understand people who stay at home instead of partying, and that everyone should go somewhere so when they have kids, they can tell them that they lived life 100% and not that: “Well my child, I stayed at home and felt sorry for myself…”
Honestly I can’t understand people who think like this. Why do they think that just because someone doesn’t have the means to go away or go party, they stay at home and feel sorry for them self?

It’s not like I don’t wish I could go on a few days trip with my Sweetheart and spend New year’s Eve in a cozy cabana somewhere, with a lot of snow around, and great sights… It’s just that for now, it’s not possible.
But even if it was, and when it will be… we’d probably go alone, just the two of us!

My Sweetheart and I stayed at home for the last few years, we spent a very nice time together, and had more fun than we could’ve had in any other place. It’s our decision, and this is how we like it.
And basically, at least on New Year’s Eve, we can be together with no interruptions, no families that need us around just for the fun of it, no one to come home in the middle of the night and start shouting, etc.
We can cuddle up and just talk about anything… what we’d like to achieve the following year, make resolutions, talk about our goals, our dreams, all the things we will be able to do, and those we’re not sure about yet… Not that we couldn’t do this another time, but it is in fact the beginning of a new year.

To us, it’s a very special night, and it only comes once a year. A night when we can leave all our worries behind and just look ahead, even if it’s just for that one night.
It’s a holiday, but we don’t get material presents on it, it’s the beginning of something new and exciting, a new and fresh start, or simply just the continuance of your old life, with a great new feel to it.

It’s one of my favorite nights besides Christmas :)

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