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2013, August 5

Thoughts from places –Weekend getaway

My thoughts from places, while on a weekend getaway in July.



Most of the time it’s hard to find my way, hard to find the “right” way. I know the path I need to take, but most steps are made on the sides. I try to find good trails, but even when I am on them, I seem to forget how to walk. However, I believe that even the smallest attempts are “seen”, felt, and there, I find signs to guide me. I haven’t asked, not consciously, I do not make demands in clear and precise words. But they are there in my mind and in my heart, and the Universe sometimes listens and points towards a new path.


I am content. Happy with what was, with all the good in that. A dramatic final farewell isn’t necessary here.


Many things are like riding a bike. You never forget the “how to.”


I hope everyone knows how important they are in contributing to the "all things are exactly as they should be" concept, on this very day.

Because without you, they wouldn’t be.


Thank you for the advice, and answer to my unasked question.


I’ve been thinking, and the one conclusion of my meditation is actually two. The first is that ignorance is bliss and second that the truth always hurts. I never tried to make my blog a place of just balloons and cake and smiles, it’s often where I throw my baggage. If it’s good or not, I have no idea. Should I apologize in advance if I might upset someone? Only write about topics that concern me only myself? Should I not write about anything else but happy things? Hide the truth because it is difficult to face? What to do? In the end I think that it is not mandatory for anyone to read my writing. They have a choice. We all do.


Details are irrelevant. But paying attention to signs, all you have to do is to be open and you will see them. People can heal; and a touch, a smile, a pat on the back can produce such a powerful exchange of energy and direction and force that an indestructible bond can be formed.



It is possible  to travel to a city and dislike it the minute you step off the bus. But only if you give it a second chance and discover even at least one thing you love about it, can your trip turn around and you’ll experience it as something magical.


On days like today, how could I not smile with my whole being? How could I not be convinced that the message coming from all different sides, is the same one? And why, why do I still find it extremely difficult to do what should I do? Why can’t I turn away from the bad, why can’t I ignore, forget, forgive? Why bother with the ugly and not look around to see miracles? During this whirlwind of madness and malice and gossip and anger and selfishness, a secret that escaped from under cloches today brought me happiness and peace. To know that from a hundred people one appreciates me for me is enough. I take one step, then another, and slowly figure out the path.

2012, August 29

Thoughts from places…

… because those Vlogbrothers video titles are awesome and they are always my favorite of their videos.

Here are my thoughts from places, while on hiatus these past few weeks. ( Missed you guys! <3 )


I am completely fine with having to reorganize my suitcase several times before leaving, both home and the places I visited, because I packed too many books.



Everywhere I go, I see hearts. And everywhere I go, I see something I can turn into art.


People who disagree with you and correct you every step of the way, even if they are actually adding to the conversation, are so tiring.


Life and death are so intertwined; just like each and every moment in between.


Death has a way of catching up with you when you’d rather try and recover from a loss… But if there is such a thing as a beautiful death, it must be that of simply falling asleep and dying of old age.

Funerals are for the living. And when you miss a burial, you can’t help but feel that loss just a bit more painfully every single time the subject comes up.



Thinking of Connie’s Sky, I took pictures that day. And though I’m so many miles away, and was very far even from an internet connection – I felt so very human and so connected to Connie Hozvicka, to Jill and to Judy. I think it’s within human nature to forget this sometimes, but we do hold each other’s hearts in our hands.


Annie Q. Syed said in one of her Still Sundays posts, which I managed to read while on hiatus, that: “in stillness I am reminded life changes course in the small plans that may appear magnified because there is no map.”

I fully understand that. And would like to add, that, sometimes even with a map it’s possible to lose track of our journey and spend too much time in paper towns.


I left behind a love letter in one of the passenger cars of the steam train we rode in. Because there is magic in everything. IMG_6962-1


Balance. Not easily found. Not easily kept. I’m still searching for it. For just the right balance that I need. I finally feel like I’m on the right track.


2012, August 8

Hiatus time! :)

My new travelogue and I are going on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. Okay, not just the two of us… we’re letting the Chef tag along as well ;)


Kidding aside though, I’m really excited for the lovely new things on the horizon:
the opportunity to travel a little bit (to several different places), the break from life as I know it here in this moment. I’m looking forward to taking pictures, breathing fresh mountain air, discovering trails in forests and getting some much needed rest. I’m looking forward to change; the big, beautiful changes that dance in my mind and heart, like in people’s all over the world. Plus, I’m especially looking forward to writing and reading time by the pool.
(I already stacked four books, the travelogue and a thick notebook next to my nearly packed bags.)



Now, since you’re here already, feel free to browse through the:

  • Seasonal Photo Challenge  – it’s more fun than you’d think by reading the title
  • Recipes of the Month – impress someone you love with a yummy home cooked meal
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  • blog, in general – everything is right up there in the menu bars, and don’t forget to scroll down and hit “older entries” to go back in time ;)


Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer, and I will see you back here on August 29.

Lots of love to you <3

2012, March 13

Medieval and Natural Gems

Are you up for a walk? To see palaces, beech tree forests, waterfalls, medieval terraced walkways, limestone caves and ponds turned into lakes?

My latest travel article is up over at Milliver’s Travels. It’s about a place and country I haven’t written about before, filled with so much beauty and history.

Go check out Some Medieval and Natural Gems of Lillafüred, Hungary. And… will you also leave it some love while you’re there?


PS: I’ve closed the comment section here to make things less confusing.

2011, July 27

Attractions that attracted me in Paris

First off, I’d like to officially share with you my exciting news of becoming a staff writer at Milliver’s Travels. At any time, you’ll be able to browse through all my articles right here.
It’s wonderful to be able to share on a regular basis some of the places I visited/will visit and fell in love with – and I feel privileged to be in such awe-inspiring company. Go check out everyone’s articles, they’re all lovely!

And now for the second part of today’s news ;)

After I wrote and sent in my first article on Paris to Milli Thornton, we quickly noticed that I had way too much to say. We divided the article into two parts, which then grew up to become a three part series.

So go ahead, click through if you’re wondering which ones are “My Three Most Favorite Attractions in Paris”.

2011, July 2

Walking is fun everywhere

I love traveling. In any amount!

To places I’ve seen before and of course even more so to places I dreamed of visiting all my life. This year, I’ve been the luckiest to have the opportunity of spending a short weekend Paris.

If you’re curious as to why this city (also) has captured my attention and took over a part of my heart – head on over to Milliver’s Travels and read all about it in my guest post, “Walking Through Paris” ;)

2011, May 11

I still dream of Sicily

Just one of the many conclusions from my trip to Sicily last year is this: You can fall in love with Taormina in less than a day!

Have I made you curious as to why this town captured my attention and took over a part of my heart? Head on over to Milliver’s Travels and read all about it in my guest post ;)

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