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2018, June 8

Watch the time – by Estrella Azul

Before we parted ways,
he gifted me a watch.
Both of us felt it –
what was left of “us”
was only a matter of time.

2016, April 15

That moment – by Estrella Azul


Today is the third stop on the Savvy Verse & Wit National Poetry Month Blog Tour.

Last week, I printed out the National poetry Month poster and displayed it on a cork board at work, hoping it’ll inspire some of my colleagues, too.
I have to say I’m having a lot of fun this month reading more poetry than I do on a regular basis!

Since I haven’t posted this on my blog before, and lately I felt the need to start gathering all of me/my writing in just this one place, I will share with you my poem, “That Moment”, which was featured on ArtiPeeps back in 2014.


NPMBlogTour2016That Moment,
by Estrella Azul

Four hours… passed by in a flash.
A cup of fragrant Jasmine tea in a cozy cafe,
gave way to a long walk as the wind made them shiver.
A fire lit up inside as dusk turned into night,
as drizzle turned into rain, as two lips touched.
That moment… it felt like eternity.
For her, that moment felt like a hike.
It felt like sunbathing on a hilltop,
surrounded by mountains covered in sparkly snow.
She felt her soul fill with warmth and calmness.
That moment… it felt like perfection,
in her world filled to the brim with uncertainty.


In other news, my wonderful writer friend, Janel Gradowski who first introduced me to National Poetry Month when she interviewed me as part of the 2010 blog tour, has the first book of her culinary competition series, “Pies and Peril” now free on Amazon through April 24th. This is the first time any book in that series has been offered for free, so I urge you to go download and read it as it’s truly a book worth spending your precious reading time on!

How is your National Poetry Month going? Read anything you think I’d like? Do share!

2013, April 8

Some silences… – by Estrella Azul

Incoming flight, no one waiting at the airport

Some silences are louder than words…

Arriving home, feeling out of place

Some silences are louder than words…

Walking next to each other, silently

Some silences are louder than words…

Giving back a ring, tears flooding both pairs of eyes

Some silences are louder than words…

Looking around the room while packing a suitcase

Some silences are louder than words…

A friend helping out, no questions asked

Some silences are louder than words…

Walking out, looking back at a half-empty room

Some silences are louder than words…

Over-thinking everything in each spare second

Some silences are louder than words…

Gazing at a picture, wishing for the phone to ring

Some silences are louder than words…

Wanting things back the way they used to be

Some silences are louder than words…

Saying “I love you” one last time, hearing “I love you” back

Yet… Some silences are louder than words…


December 2010

2012, September 14

In need of a breath – by Estrella Azul

It never stops;

the hardship, the sadness.

They never stop;

the tears, the disappointments.

I wish they would stop.

I wish it would all just stop;

Just long enough to take a breath.

2012, July 20

Can you understand… – by Estrella Azul

Can you understand that I need my space?
To breathe, to unwind, to just be. To be me.

Can you understand that your constant concern and reproach bring me down?
That you make me feel guilty about taking time for myself. That it’s affecting our relationship.

Can you understand that I worry, too?
That instability is throwing me off track. That it makes me feel insecure.

Can you understand that I feel stuck?
That I sometimes don’t see the beauty people talk about seeing in me. That my soul is searching for something I can’t find right now.

Can you understand that some decisions just have to be mine?
About me. No matter how much a part of my life you are.

Can you understand that I love you?
That I want to keep loving you. That I don’t want to fight.

But for that, I need you to understand me.
No questions asked. No banter. No undermining my needs.

2012, April 6

Heart on the beach – by Estrella Azul


A heart on the beach…

There’s something

in this picture

which makes me think

of not losing hope;

Even though the waves

will wash over that heart

and in a few minutes

there will be no trace

it ever existed…

2011, December 2

Winter’s miracles – by Estrella Azul


The smallest snow flakes
Delicately rest on leaves –
Tiny miracles

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