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2015, July 13

Say Yes!

Last week’s assignment in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to Say Yes. Yes to an outing even when you feel like you’d rather go straight home after work, to helping someone with what will take you ten to fifteen minutes instead of the hour it might take them, or most especially say yes to that wild, inadvisable dream you have.
And as j explained it in the 52-52 guide, the most important thing during this week and this exercise is to “question every no. Understand where it comes from. Understand your reasons. If they’re sound, go ahead. If they’re based in fear, stop. Take a deep breath.” and say Yes.

Lately, I like the fact that I can say No more easily. Sure there are still obligations I can’t get out of, or the usual compromises that every relationship has, be that with either family, romantic or with friends, but it has gotten easier to say No when I don’t want to do something, or go somewhere.

I think that it’s important to know when to say Yes or No, because if we just mindlessly said No to everything, or Yes to everything our lives wouldn’t have too much meaning… (like in that movie where the guy says Yes to everything and things go well for him, but then ends up realizing that too much of a good thing can be bad, too.)

Last week I’ve said Yes to a couple of things and realized that I’ve said No to more things. However, the things I said No to, have freed up time for me to rest over the weekend.
I listened to my tired, achy body and decided to work from home on Thursday and Friday, felt like cooking and experimenting with new recipes so I baked some Apple Crisp and made yummy Squash Fritters, and one evening when the BF came home later instead of watching a movie or getting lost online, I read a book.
We went to a house warming party we couldn’t get out of, but didn’t stay too long, so we could get up earlier and go out to a friend’s cabin in the mountains nearby. We had a lovely walk, some yummy grilled food and just plain had fun.

unnamed (1)

I guess by saying No to several things over the course of the week, I actually said a silent Yes to others.

For week 28, the assignment is to Unplug. 
j says, we try the following: “This week, take a hiatus. Turn off your computer, your television, your game consoles. Fill your time with things that don’t require an outlet. Plug yourself into your physical life; engage all your senses for a day. Or seven. Make some space, then fill it with the real, 3-D you.”
And while I can’t exactly unplug for good, given that my work requires a turned on laptop, I will do my best to keep my online presence, well… online, only during work hours this week and limit the times I check FB, Twitter or my e-mails and what ever else. Maybe even go for walks, or jogging after work?
I’ll try to read, and play and get out of the house more, and, every day this week I will take my one hour lunch break (and maybe go for a walk, when the weather is cooperating) instead of working through lunch.

How was your week? Did you say Yes to many things? Or have you also found that by saying No to the things you didn’t feel like doing, you made more time and had more energy for the things you really wanted to do?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2015, May 4

Taking Daily Walks

After hugging many strangers the week before, the assignment for last week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, was to take a daily walk.
So, naturally, the weather was uncooperative. It was windy, chilly and it rained a lot in this corner of the world. I could hardly believe that there I was in my warm jacket, wrapping the shawl around my neck three times less than four days after getting sun-burnt.

Even though it doesn’t count toward the daily walk, I’ll include a two-hour walk we took last Sunday, because it was nice weather that day, and we met up with a friend.
On the way back, we stopped and I learned how to drive! Yes. I can no longer say ‘Oh, no, I can’t drive. I drove only once, in Sicily.’ Yay for that! I can’t wait to do it again!

Now back to the daily walks.
I walk about two blocks (I assume that’s how much I walk… I couldn’t find a clear enough explanation of how much a block is as a unit of distance, due to each city’s different layout) to work every morning, and about the same distance back downtown when I go meet up with my boyfriend to go home.

Carolina Alba Fortress

Carolina Alba Fortress

So with this daily walk already set and the terrible weather this past week, I decided to change things up a bit.
On different mornings I walked to the bank before work, bought myself a croissant and a fresh juice from the places which fall outside my usual route, and went shopping after work.
Then, because May 1st was a bank holiday here and we had a long weekend ahead, on Saturday we took a little road trip to Alba Iulia, to see the Carolina Alba Fortress. The weather was still being weird, drizzling quite a bit, but since it didn’t pour to destroy our moods, it was still a nice outing. We got there at around half past ten, and short of a lunch break, we visited and walked all day long!

The assignment for week 18 is to Take Yourself on an Artist’s Date. Either you practice your art every day or only on weekends, or when ever you find five minutes to yourself, it’s important to fill your creative well from time to time. So this week, take yourself on a date and do something that inspires you. It can be as easy as a museum visit to explore the works of other artists, and as simple as a walk in the Botanical Garden which you’ve been meaning to write about (and a relaxing walk through it while taking lots of photos sparks your creativity, and at the end of said walk you’ll rush home to put all your thoughts to paper).

How was your week? Did you go for daily walks? Or did you go for a weekend road trip, like we did? How was the weather over at your end? Could you enjoy your walks, or did you resent having to walk your dog in the rain, for example?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2011, July 25

Walk along with me?

I love days which are sunny and bright, yet one doesn’t feel like walking in an oven. And I love that, quite a few weeks ago, I had my friend’s camera with me on my way to/home from tutoring the kids who live outside of the city.

Here’s some of the beauty I walked past :)



IMG_5533-1 IMG_5547-1  IMG_5567-1IMG_5559-1




PS: do you like the new Life’s a stage blog header? (Thank you so much for helping out with the decision making, Kenneth!)

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