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2012, September 10

I dream BIG (words) ;)

My dreams are mostly weird. They are along (and not only limited to) these lines: people are trying to kill me with a rose dipped in poison, a puppy follows me home turning into an alien, the walls of my grandparent’s bathroom disappeared while the toilet, heater, sink and mirror are still in place hanging in thin air. That last one freaked me out so much I couldn’t fall back asleep one morning. Not sure why, it was the least scary, just weird.

I also have dreams like the ones I talked about before, which explain things.

And then there are the dreams which leave me puzzled. The ones that make me think of why I can’t recall what I’ve dreamt, while hanging on to a mere few words.

And you know something? I seriously doubt they’re ordinarily dreamt by someone whose mother tongue isn’t English.

So I’ll confess. I sometimes dream “big” words, like:

  • predicament
  • conflicting interests
  • monosyllabic
  • unconquerable 

If I had dreamt them in the same dream, I would probably be more worried… ;)


Do you dream things and then only have a word from it stuck with you for days? How about dreaming them in another language?


PS: thank you for the reminder here, Lynn.

2011, January 13

One little word (and more) for 2011

Last week, as a part of her latest wonderful Friday list J asked her readers what their 11 words for 2011 would be. I took a day to type in my words in a comment on her post, but overall the words were easy to choose.

Then a couple of days later, I’ve accidentally come across this post from BigPictureClasses which also got me thinking. This time of a single word for 2011. Now that was harder!

To be truthful, as I started contemplating, I kept thinking along the lines of choosing one word out of the eleven I had already chosen.
But somehow, they didn’t fit.
They’re great words with much meaning and hope for the year to come, for who I am right now and who I’ll end up being when 2011 ends, yet I couldn’t make a decision and choose just one.

And then it hit me – the one little word has chosen me. 
I love it already!

So today, after those few days of being inspired and considering both these post’s provocations, and because I generally tend to do things on my own terms, I present to you – my combined list of words in one sentence:

In 2011 I choose to hope, dare, live, smile, dream, love, create, appreciate, listen, leap, enjoy.

Somehow choose was the exact word I needed, without my even knowing it. Because thinking about it, every day, every week, every year (and by extension – Life) can be broken down into a series of choices.


And so, I choose to hope. To refuse giving up on anyone, including myself. To see the best in others. To keep believing when everyone else has stopped. To think that good will always prevail in the end. To open up my heart and mind to the magic I can/will find behind each reality. 
I choose to surrender to the moment, to trust the voice within, to let go, to move on, to accept, to look fear in the face and act on Life’s stage, to dare to live and to smile throughout the journey especially at times when I’m hurting or when I feel like crying.
I choose to believe in myself and in what I do, to stay optimistic, to continue to dream, making my dreams an asset, turning dreaming into doing.
I choose to fearlessly love everything that makes me happy.
I choose to create. I have a rich imagination, many many ideas in various creative fields, the ambition to put them into practice, so I choose to take the chance of making messes sometimes in order to achieve creating something I’ll love. I choose to appreciate my gift(s) and not to second-guess myself.
I choose to not only hear, but to listen. To put aside pride and ask for help when I need it, to be open for suggestions, and constructive criticism. To foster understanding and to reflect upon what has been said.
I choose to leap – and by extension, to trust that the net will appear. And even when it doesn’t, I choose to enjoy the flight and land on my feet.


I will make many choices this year!

However, I’ll keep in mind that sometimes, when it’s least expected, it works the other way around too:
words, characters, books, songs, places, objects, people, feelings, dreams, happenings… Life – will choose me.


Your turn: what are your eleven words for 2011? What about that one little word your heart is whispering to you right now?

2010, November 3

Dusty Library – by Estrella Azul

Dusty Library – by Estrella Azul

Legend has it there is an ancient library, containing millions of books on hand carved bookshelves, full of dust, whose pages are anxiously waiting to be flicked through and read…

I’ve been trying to finish a post all afternoon and I’ve failed to produce something I’d be okay with publishing.

So I moved on, wanting to finish the above began flash fiction (story started?). After staring at the keyboards and monitor for at least an hour and a half I realized: I like it just the way it is!

I’ve read somewhere that beginnings happen every day, middles are what occupy the majority of people’s lives. Writers look for endings, that indicates a story. Right?

Well… I don’t fit into a mold. And I’m sometimes unconventional. Like right now. Who cares if it doesn’t have a beginning, middle and end?

I love this story just the way it is. I like to think of all the possibilities of its ending. I like that it doesn’t fit into a mold ;)

2010, September 9


I’ve delayed long enough posting pictures of my vacation. And that’s because I had great expectations of finding just the right words to describe how it all was, as it was, and above all, the wonder that has enveloped me in a pretty, colorful, shiny soap bubble for fourteen days.

Unfortunately I still don’t think I’ve found the right words, and I wish I could open a door in my mind, eyes, ears and my heart so you could take a peek and see exactly the memories laying there.

I’m still working on sorting through all the 1917 photos I’ve made during my trip, so I’m hoping you’ll be patient just a bit longer.

Promise I’ll share the photos and a few thoughts no later than next week :)

2010, July 23

Mask of smiles – by Estrella Azul

Daily, we wear masks.

Each for a very different person, each for a certain state of mind.
We have a special mask for our lover, for a friend, colleague, another for parents.
Indefinitely; a thousand masks, which tend to infinity.

Today I’m wearing the mask saying that I miss your love.

The morning started with a cup of hot coffee and the hugs you give every time you say something mischievous to make sure I know you’re kidding.
And then came the phone call from her.

I’m lost in myself. In a mask of smiles and endless longing.

Smiles are the best way to hide everything, especially tears.
They create the illusion of perfection to a certain point. Then, in that moment when you realize it’s just another mask, you should try to go beyond it to see everything clearly.

If you want to understand me, you need to look far, but close enough.

2010, July 17

Shiny snail trails – by Estrella Azul

I looked at him through a veil of tears…

Sometimes, words leave behind them red and painful marks, which resemble shiny snail trails.
And just as slow as a snail’s sliding, words get lost in the enclosed, dark air.
Their traces remain however; bright, silvery, forming winding networks, with a lake of tears at every intersection.
Lakes with toads, snakes and poisonous plants.
No matter how hot a wind blowing over them might be, they don’t evaporate.
And no matter how clean the pouring rain falling on the snail trails might be, they shine just as much as before it; and blind the eye.

2010, May 6

Careful, it has a mind of its own

It’s very very hard sometimes to find it somewhere in my power, finding something which would motivate me to keep silent.

Sometimes I wish I could be silent for days, weeks, months.
On the one hand because I think it’s absolutely wonderful to be able to just listen, undisturbed by unnecessary blabber to all the sounds of the world around us.

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